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Virtual Services

Virtual services offer flexibility, convenience, and accessibility. You can choose a time and date that works best for you. Your experience will be hosted on the video platform, Zoom. Book your virtual session today and experience the transformative impact from wherever you are. I look forward to connecting with you and providing you with the profound insights and assistance you seek.

Written Products

Introducing my collection of written products that aim to inspire, educate, and entertain. These carefully crafted offerings are designed to engage your spirit, stir your soul, and expand your spiritual horizons. Whether you are seeking knowledge, inspiration, or simply a captivating story, these written products allow you to read, explore, and reflect on your own time. All written products will be created especially for you.

Want to deepen your exploration of spiritual gifts?

This self-paced course will teach you:

  1. The Clairs - Understanding Your Special Gifts

  2.  Chakra Centers - Understanding Your Body

  3. Meditation - Developing a Spiritual Practice

  4. Spirit Guides - How to Create Your Team

  5. Crystals, Pendulums, and Cards - Supplementing Your Readings

  6. Practicing Mediumship - Working in Your Gifts

  7. Know Your Worth - Building Your Practice

  8. Face the Fear - Prescribe to the Power of These Gifts

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