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Hey I am Michelle, but many people call me Meesh. Many people will ask me,


So how did you find out that you were a Psychic Medium?


What do you feel?


Who taught you?

As a small child, I always felt a little bit odd. I spent a considerable amount of time by myself. I often spent my afternoons exploring the forest in my backyard, creating elaborate relationships with my dolls, or watching more movies than the average child. I remember one film in particular that always caught my attention, Matilda. This 1996 film features a small girl who has always felt like an outcast. She never truly felt like she fit in, so she dives into the world of books and finds purpose in reading. Her teacher, Ms. Honey, takes a particular interest in Matilda for her above-average academic skills and incredibly kind demeanor. Matilda confides in Ms. Honey of her special powers. She shares her ability to shift physical items with the power of her mind. Ms. Honey cherishes Matilda for her incredible gifts, while Matilda's own family sees her as a nuisance. 

Those special powers fascinated me.


Although I could not move things with my mind, I felt that maybe I have other type of super power. At night time, I would always sense a presence in my room. My parents always explained that I watched too many horror movies and that I had a wild imagination. I became extremely fearful of the dead silence in the middle of the night, so I decided to sleep on the living room sofa for many years. It felt more settling to hear people 'walking' through the kitchen in the middle of the night. 

Over time, the feelings faded away. I continued on to study Psychology and Sociology at Framingham State University to study counseling psychology. I wanted to offer one-on-one counseling to vulnerable populations who simply needed a non-judgmental listening ear. I wanted to give to the world exactly what I truly wanted to receive. In my spare time I also studied astrology, birth charts, and tarot cards. I became fascinated by these types of occult sciences.

In 2017, I met with a Karma Doctor named John Wyrick. He specializes in karma healing, past-life regression, and energy healing and movement. After a recommendation from a friend, I decided to make the appointment. After 2-hour of deep analysis, he sent me a list of words related to my karma healing.

Some words included:

Orphan, Mystic, Philosopher, Dancer, Healer, Storyteller, Scholar, Misunderstood, Homeless, Writer, Astrologer, Priestess, Early Death, Primary Hunger - To Escape Bondage

It looked like a very long laundry list of worries and anxieties, but I took this as a start to understanding the karma that I carry with me. After this meeting, I knew I needed to pursue something greater. I left a career that had left me depleted. I ended my romantic relationship, which felt like a dead end. And I booked a one-way flight to Southeast Asia. I had no idea why, I just knew I had to be there. 

Chiang Mai, Thailand - a small city in the Northern Thai highlands became the epicenter of my spiritual journey. I slowly learned the art of meditation, mindfulness, and true humility. I attended a 2-day meditation silent meditation retreat alongside 20 foreigners and 20 Thai Buddhist monks. The 2-day experience was filled with learning conscious eating, silence, and meditation while sitting, eating, walking, and breathing. I  assumed meditation was just relaxing before and after a yoga class, but this was an entirely different type of meditation. After this experience, I was hooked. I knew my meditative practice is an integral part of my being. The  chaos that normally festered in my brain - seized to exist. To deepen my practice, I needed to learn how to meditate by remaining in the present moment. 

And then I met a special friend who gifted me the book that I still travel with today, 'The Power of Now' by Eckhart Tolle. 

“As soon as you honor the present moment, all unhappiness and struggle dissolve, and life begins to flow with joy and ease. When you act out the present-moment awareness, whatever you do becomes imbued with a sense of quality, care, and love - even the most simple action.”

The spiritual practice deepens. I am living in the present moment. I am accepting all that happens to me as an experience happening FOR ME. I have become more self-aware of my persistent thoughts, my deep-seated patterns, and my negative self-talk.  I accept all opportunities that present themselves to me.

In October 2019, I flew to Iquitos, Peru, to meet a Shipibo tribe who will introduce me to the powerful plant medicine known. as Ayahuasca. Ayahuasca is a plant medicine indigenous to the Amazon Jungle. It grows throughout Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and other surrounding countries of South America. Ayahuasca is a medicinal brew made from the ayahuasca vines and chacruna leaves that, when brewed, will create a thick, mossy medicine used for spiritual and religious purposes by ancient Amazonian tribes. I was willing to embark on this journey to answer my question. . . 


“What is my purpose on this planet?”


I wish to refrain from explaining my experience in more detail as the messages that were sent to me were ones only assigned for me to understand. But the best way to describe the journey with ayahuasca is the “most beautifully painful experience of my human existence.” After two weeks in the Amazon and 4 Ayahuasca ceremonies - I still did not have my questions answered. I had just purged my guts out and endured four hallucinogenic states of consciousness, and still, I was left without an answer to my question. And after months of this spiritual cleansing, I was still unsure what my purpose is. 


But then, I receive a phone call from my sister, “Hey Shell, guess what? I’m a Psychic Medium!”


“Shut up. No you’re not. How do you know?” I asked her, clearly skeptical of her ‘powers’. 


She then explained that she started working with a mentor who helped her work within her gift. She practiced sitting in this power with close friends and family. I couldn't believe it. She was so unbelievably accurate about information she could have never known. But how?


‘If you are a medium, I must have gifts too! 

A few weeks later, in the jungle of Tulum, I was with a few friends holding ceremony in this beautiful jungle-surrounded hotel. In this guided meditation, I started getting that feeling again. It was that feeling that someone else was in the room with us. A good friend of mine had lost a friend a few years ago, and I felt a presence connected to him. I asked him if he would be willing to receive the information and messages coming to me.


After another 2 hours of disbelief and revealing intimate information, I had confirmed. . . .


I have found my gift. 


I called my closest friends and requested their permission to offer a psychic reading for free.


I shared moments of closure. I helped people reconnect with family and friends. I saw messages, memories, and colors. I felt physical, emotional, and spiritual sensations that were not mine. They were coming from outside of me.


It has been nearly 18 months of sharing this gift with the public, and I have offered readings for individuals all around the globe - Colombia, Mexico, England, Spain, the United States, South Africa, and more. 


The best has yet to come.

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