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Mindfulness and Meditation for Spiritual Growth Masterclass

Are you ready to embark on a transformative four-week journey that nurtures your soul and explores your spiritual gifts?"Mindfulness and Meditation for Spiritual Growth" is a comprehensive four-week LIVE masterclass designed to help you make a deeper connection with your inner self and the your Higher Power.

What You Will Learn

Course Features

  • Interactive Sessions: Engage in live sessions with Meesh who will guide you through each step of your journey.

  • Guided Meditations: Access a library of recorded guided meditations from our classes designed to deepen your practice and promote spiritual growth.

  • Supportive Community: Connect with a community of like-minded individuals who share your spiritual aspirations and can offer support and encouragement.

  • Comprehensive Workbook: You will receive a detailed workbook filled with exercises, reflection prompts, and resources to support your learning and growth.


Next Available Dates

July 10, 2024

July 17, 2024

July 24, 2024

July 31, 2024

All classes will take place from 7 PM - 8:30 PM EST.

Benefits Of This Masterclass

Your Teacher

Meesh Carra

Psychic Medium, Digital Nomad & Mentor

I am Meesh, The Nomadic Medium. As a conduit for messages, I am here to help guide you through this spiritual journey and provide the tools and resources you need to find guidance, support, understanding, and balance in your life with messages from those who love you most.

Through my readings and meditations, I am passionate about helping you discover the answers to life’s questions and setting your intention for future desires. I believe that everyone has the power to tap into their inner gifts and potential, and I am here to help you do just that. Join me on this journey.

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Meesh Carra, Psychic Medium

Why This Masterclass?

"Mindfulness and Meditation for Spiritual Growth" is more than just a course—it's an opportunity to transform your daily routine into a way that feel authentic and supportive to your spiritual awakening. Meesh brings years of experience and a deep understanding of both mindfulness and spirituality. You'll gain practical tools and insights that you can apply immediately to enhance your spiritual journey.

Mindfulness and Meditation for Spiritual Growth

Join Us Today!

Don't miss this chance to embark on a path of self-discovery and spiritual awakening. Enroll in "Mindfulness and Meditation for Spiritual Growth" today and take the first step towards a more peaceful, aware, and spiritually enriched life.

Contact Us: For any questions or additional information, please reach out to me at

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