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Uncovering Your Spiritual Gifts 

Come join us every Tuesday at 12PM EST for a FREE meetup with a community of spiritual leaders

This is your opportunity to connect with individuals exploring their spirituality and psychic gifts. We will connect as a community by understanding the process of building a deeper connection to our Higher Power; this will be achieved through harnessing the power of meditation, open discussion, and intuition. This is intended to be a safe space for individuals to express all spiritual experiences and feelings.

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Past Events

Want to deepen your exploration of spiritual gifts?

This self-paced course will teach you:

  1. The Clairs - Understanding Your Special Gifts

  2.  Chakra Centers - Understanding Your Body

  3. Meditation - Developing a Spiritual Practice

  4. Spirit Guides - How to Create Your Team

  5. Crystals, Pendulums, and Cards - Supplementing Your Readings

  6. Practicing Mediumship - Working in Your Gifts

  7. Know Your Worth - Building Your Practice

  8. Face the Fear - Prescribe to the Power of These Gifts

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