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Uncovering Intuition
Starts Within

Unleash Your Intuition for Confidence, Decision-Making and Relationships

4-Week Uncovering Intuition Summer Program Open for Enrollment

Are you Ready?

Ready to tap into your intuition in a supportive growing community?

In the hustle and bustle of life, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and disconnected. We may wonder why certain things are happening to us and how we could have avoided the pain and heartbreak. It is very possible that your intuition is speaking loud and clear, but you may not be listening clearly to receive the messages. 

Until now...

Imagine This

  • Tapping into your intuition to understand the world around you

  • Using your intuitive voice to make confident decisions for yourself

  • Recognizing the different between your intuition and EGO

  • Developing a great relationship with your intuition

  • Attracting new friends and partners who are backed by your intuitive voice

Sad on Couch

Here's the problem...
Your EGO 

Your ego loves to create a narrative that keeps life more challenging. Our ego motivates us to be drawn to status, money, drama, pain, and challenging relationships. Our ego derives its energy from FEAR. So how do we know if it is our ego or our intuition? You must look within! And I will teach you how.

Let's Explore Intuition Together

In this group container, you will learn how to confidently uncover your intuitive voice.

Our experienced instructor will guide you through various exercises and techniques to help you tap into your intuition and gain confidence in your decision-making, confidence, and boundaries

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Next Cohort

Start Date: Wednesday, July 10th, 2024
6PM - 7:30PM EST


July 10 2024

July 17 2024

July 24 2024

July 31, 2024

Here’s what you’re going to get inside Uncovering Intuition Group Program:

  • Four (4) live 90-minute weekly sessions - Development and mastery come with practice! Attend these sessions and get the experience you need to develop your intuition.

  • Virtual Workbook -Keep notes of your journey and process. You will also have 'take-home activities' for your personal practice

  • Private Facebook Group for Support

  • A strong and supportive community - Join other students like you in the program for support and camaraderie throughout the course

Weekly Schedule

Week 1: Creating Space for Your Intuitive Voice


  • Meditation for Intuition​

  • Grounding Techniques​

  • Protecting Your Energy

  • Cultivating a Calm and Receptive Mindset

  • Daily Practices for Intuitive Development​

Week 3: Strengthening Intuition in Relationships


  • Listening to Intuition in Communication

  • Intuition and Conflict Resolution

  • Strengthening Emotional Bonds

  • Intuitive Boundary Setting

Week 2: Recognizing Intuition vs Ego


  • Listening to the Intuitive Voice​

  • Distinguishing Intuition from Ego​

  • Connecting with Our Inner Wisdom​

  • Balancing Intuition and Rational Thought​

Week 4: Intuitive Confidence & Decisiveness


  • Building Trust in Your Intuition

  • Enhancing Decision-Making Skills

  • Applying Intuition Confidently

  • Evaluating Outcomes and Adjusting


Each week we will:

  • Perform a guided group meditation to find our intuition and where it exists in the body

  • Discuss the importance of intuition on our personal, professional, and spiritual development

  • Complete a group activity designed to assist you in experiencing our intuitive voice

  • Conduct a journal activity to help you keep track of your progress and document your experiences.

  • Commit to an individual activity to be performed on your own time and can be discussed during the following session

Each week's activities encourages you to practice, listen, discuss and reflect. This type of practice will, most certainly, help you uncover your spiritual gifts.



Presented by Meesh Carra, 
Psychic Medium, Author & Creator of Uncovering Spiritual Gifts

Hi, I'm Meesh, The Nomadic Medium, and I will be your guide for this private group experience.


I have used my intuitive voice to feed my sense of deep wanderlust in this human experience. My intuition helped me explore 38 countries, open my own business, find love, and create this program. I have worked with monks in Thailand, the Shipibo tribe in Peru, Sangomas in South Africa, and plant medicine facilitators all over the world. My intuition gave me the greatest journey, and it's only getting started. Join me and I can share with you the truth to finding your intuitive voice.

- Meesh

You’re perfect for this program if you desire to:

● Improve your decision-making
● Enhance your problem-solving abilities
●Increase confidence
● Better relationship management
● Heightened level of awareness
● Reduce stress
● Become more adaptable 
● Connect Spiritually
● Invest in yourself
● Follow your journey


Wondering why this program,  and why me?

With over 800 members of Uncovering Spiritual GIfts community years, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.


In Uncovering Intuition, you'll receive in-depth professional, ethical, and evidential intuitive training, all guided by my hands-on, warm, and caring approach. You'll also have the opportunity to work with me in a small group setting, where you'll receive mentorship, participate in group practices, and receive ongoing support. And to ensure your confidence and success as a spiritual being, we'll have a weekly workshop where you can practice and read for our cohort and potential clients. If you're ready to take your abilities to the next level and build a thriving, purpose-driven life, this program is for you.

Clay Texture

Start Date: Wednesday, July 10
6PM - 7:30PM EST


July 10 2024

July 17 2024

July 24 2024

July 31, 2024

Video Call with Sign Language

Want to meet the group? Join us every Tuesday for a Free Uncovering Spiritual Gifts Introduction

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